(Still) Can't get Snapshot to run manually

I go to Snapshot, I click “Run now” on the one Snapshot I have, and it returns, “Item scheduled to run.” Then nothing happens. Earlier today, it appeared to be running (navigating to the Snapshots page showed it working) but no Snapshot was produced. I’ve increased the memory limit to 256MB, and segment size to 5000 (whose default is 1000, but the text below says 5000).

Setting the compression method to Zip triggered a page that indicated a snapshot was being created, but the log viewer just shows “Loading…” indefinitely. When I navigate to the Snapshots page again, there’s nothing in progress.

I’ve had problems getting Snapshot to run on this site twice before—and both times someone has graciously stepped in to get it up and running again. By all appearances, the scheduled run went off without a hitch last week.

I just had another plugin developer in, making tons of changes to their stuff, so I’m pretty eager to get backups working.


Please let me know to whom I should send login credentials; they’re here and ready for you. :slight_smile:


Edit: Just updated to, and same problem.