Stock Photos For Templates

Please let me apologize in advance if this question does not belong under this topic or forum and if the question has been asked. I’ve searched the threads but have a little trouble with search on this forum and couldn’t find the answer.

I’m wanting to implement the supporter plugin and have people who “support the site” can create their own wp website on the site. I have the domain mapping integrated into the mu setup.

So my quesion is, regarding stock photo licensing and template licensing. I would like to create templates for people to choose on the site. If there is a purchased stock photo – the photo is logically located in one location, on the server, but since it would appear in multiple sites and domains, what is the licensing implications of this? Same goes for purchasing templates on sites like ThemeForsest – does a Multisite Mu with domain mapping enabled count as a “distribution” type of situation and what does the licensing look like for that? Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation?

Thanks for any thoughts ya’ll might have on this!