Strangers can't see register page, except for old basic one

I’ve been trying to do this for over an hour, so finally given in and asking for help :slight_frown:

When I installed membership, it seemed to create another page – register-2

I’ve been struggling to get strangers to view the register page, they just get a protected content message, so I’ve been playing and finally managed to get what you see at Link removed at members request to show. If I try to use register-2, I just get protected content message.

What I really want on my register page is the subscription options listed on Link removed at members request with a bit of tweaking (I want free membership at the top and the social login icons above everything, in case people just want free membership through that)

The only way i’ve managed to get to show without being protected is by membership>options>member pages and then setting both the registrations page and subscription page to the /register page. If i try to do the same with /register-2 i just get the protected page message again.

sorry if im repeating myself here, just trying to explain as well as i can :slight_smile: