Studio Theme "Slides" not working?


I’m working on a project using the Studio Theme, which has the built in Sliders function. We’ve gotten way through out setup and just started styling and widgetting only to discover that the sliders aren’t working.

I did a search on the forms before my post and found that others have had this issue. We started with 1 slider which wouldn’t load, so we added another, which also doesn’t load. We’ve tested this on both Mac and PC with the most recent versions of FireFox, Safari, Rockmelt (Chrome) Internet Explorer (8 & Beta 9) and the results are the same for all of them.

We have the full path to the images set (, and yes, the images are in the images directory. The image link has been tried blank, with a “#” and with a link back to the homepage, and the initial side height set to 402 (px).

The first slide image was about 200K, so I knocked that down to less than 100K, but still, it didn’t work.

I checked permissions and everything is fine, and I’m able to load the images into other areas of the site without a problem.

In the previous post on this issue, support recommended changing header.php, which I tried and that didn’t work, and they also uploaded a replacement file for slideshow.php, which I tried for giggles, but that didn’t work either.

Any ideas what this might be, or how to resolve it?

Thanx for your help!

PS – This is Studio 1.2.8.