Styling for Support System?

I am loving the Support System plugin. Simple and effective for what it is meant to do.

However, all of the questions are displayed using elements with no classes assigned.

It would be great if you could either add some classes or even just wrap the whole thing in a div with an id so that we could potentially style it a little.

Also wanted to pass on a little trick I fugured out to place the Support menu up at the top. (I want to do the same for the Blog Account menu in Pay To Blog). I feel like these are major account management type actions that users should have better access to.

Basically all I did was replace a few things in the incsub_support_menu() function as follows:

function incsub_support_menu() {

global $menu, $submenu;

$menu[-1] = $menu[0];

$menu[0] = array(__(‘Support’:wink:, ‘1’, ‘support.php’, ”, ‘wp-menu-open menu-top menu-top-first menu-top-last menu-icon-tools’, ‘menu-site’, ‘div’:wink:;

$submenu[ ‘support.php’ ][1] = array( __(‘Main’:wink:, ‘1’, ‘support.php’ );

// $submenu[ ‘support.php’ ][2] = array( __(‘Video Tutorials’:wink:, ‘1’, ‘support.php?action=videos’ );


adding the line $menu[-1] = $menu[0]; moves up the Super Admin menu to make room, then you can place Support right under it by giving it $menu[0]. User will see it alone at the top (similar to how site admins see Super Admin).

Adding the css class ‘menu-top-last’ gives it rounded corners on the bottom as well, and ‘menu-icon-tools’ gives it tools icon. You could use any of the other ones if you feel the other icons work better but I kind of like the tools for support.

Loving everything else – super easy to use! Thanks!