Sub-category slugs. How to get around them having to be unique??

Hi there,

I am looking for a solution to a category slug problem I have. I believe it is actually part of how WP works, but it does not suite my needs and seems crazy to me.

Anyway, here is the issue…

I have main categories set-up:



I want sub categories for each main category, 2 instances of each with the same name and slug, but under separate main categories as below:

Man (slug = man)

– Health (full slug = man/health)

– Fitness (full slug = man/fitness)

– Diet (full slug = man/diet)

Woman (slug = woman)

– Health (full slug = woman/health)

– Fitness (full slug = woman/fitness)

– Diet (full slug = woman/diet)

What is happening is (because it appears the slug has to be unique no matter what) is it is allowing the man category to use the correct slugs, but the woman category is using:


– Health (full slug = woman/health-woman)

– Fitness (full slug = woman/fitness-woman)

– Diet (full slug = woman/diet-woman)

I’m sure you’ll agree this looks messy. The sub cats are always going to be sub cats under either Man or Woman so they will always be under a unique ‘full’ permalink anyway.

Can anyone provide a solution to get around this?

I thought about custom post types, but I am unsure, especially as some posts may want to be in both ‘man/health’ and ‘woman/health’ categories, and not just one or the other.

Thanks for any advice.