Subscription form is not displaying as expected


I just purchased and installed the latest and greatest Membership plugin for WordPress. I’ve been following the installation and setup guide, but have ran into an issue where the subscription form isn’t showing up.

When I first go to the “Register” page, it shows each of my subscription levels. Upon selecting one, I would expect that it would show the subscription form, but it doesn’t. All it shows is the subscription level I just selected with a PayPal “Subscribe” button.

As I understand it, I would expect to see the registration form (name, email, etc…:wink:.

I have some screen captures, but I don’t see a way to upload them here.

Other information:

– I have the PayPal Single Payment Gateway active, but not set up yet

– I’m using the default “Register” page, but I added some custom text and the [subscriptionform] identifier to it

Any insight you can provide would be appreciated.