Suggested Plugin


Just putting in this suggestion for what I have been looking for, for quite some time but cannot find the right fit..

A fan page plugin for wordpress.. (plenty of them out there) One that has the look and feel of easy blogger plugin and could integrate with it…

Allow people to manage and maintain multiple fan pages using the wordpress menu system for mini sites… Would use its own paging system and a prefix naming convention to leave out confusion of same menu item names like (home,contact,about ectt) if building multiple pages on one wp site..

Would have a like gate… (like to reveal content)

Share to like Share to see hidden content

Invite to see…. Invite friends to see content

Page Templates that would allow users to select the appropiate template for there business type..

User could just replace photo and verbiage.. (matching template for profile pic area )

Ability to add opt in code from most aut responder services..

Easily insert graphics via a tiny mce plugin filled with graphics/icons… ( could be totally seperate plugin and used with pro sites as an upcharge for members)

This is moving fast and people are throwing up complicated crappy plugins for this… some good but still to complicated to run on a membership site for people with not much design skills..

Great thing about doing this with WP is the ability to use hundreds of other plugins to enhance your fan page.. light box – maps – sliders ect….

Keep plugin exclusive to WPMU Memberss

WPMU can you have this ready tomorrow lol :slight_smile: