Suggestion for Developers of all Plugins

One thing I’m noticing while trying to get new clients and implementing various plugins are all of the CSS problems with regard to color and theme incompatibility. Nearly every client either has or wants a Premium theme which is ok as the majority of these themes have easy to set color to customize and match clients company colors. What is very hard and time consuming is that the majority of the plugins don’t work properly with any of these themes without a lot of time customizing the CSS.

Since there are so many developers out there with their own style of writing code and naming conventions that just ad’s more time figuring things out. Which sometimes is great as then I learn more and get to meet many great people via the forums here.

I’d suggest if possible that we figure out a way to have a module or whatever we want to call it here (much like many themes out there are implementing in the themes setup area) a Plugin Setup Section that would include the ability to customize color for things like Text, text Background, Box Background, shading, border, table or grid lines etc…

Hopefully I can get a bunch of +1s here as I think that this would be of great benefit to everyone as well as reduce a bunch of questions on how to change the colors or why plugins don’t show up properly.

Thanks in advance Guys!