Suggestion On Your Support


Your subscription if your customers want to have continuous updates, support and others that gives us more benefits may need a bit of improvement.

1. For people who are like me who lives outside your time zone, it is very hard to enjoy the live support because of the schedule.

2. People like me who is a beginner with WP and is very dependent on our developers, who also need to study the functionality of the themes and plugins can’t be given a separate access. They have to even touch the wp-config. I prefer to be able to control the data I allow people to access. I always wonder why sites who sells things like this don’t provide a separate access to the developers of their site, which most of the time the owner hires. I’m a bit OCD on these matters, if people gets to do something on my sites that is under my name and are able to do something I don’t understand. I like to research. I was the one who found your site when I research it.

3. Your themes hopefully will have a sample data, the live preview is very limited. (unless I didn’t see it in the theme file)

Honestly, I become a loyal customer mostly due to support. I enjoy that from my web host (inmotion) and themes (elegant), whom I believe have a very great support and documentation. Your subscription is quite stiff and yet I can’t enjoy immediate help when I need one. That’s my initial take when it comes to my experiences here. The idea of bundles are great but because you deal with themes and plugins, support to customers are very critical.