Suggestion: Stats


There’s countless plugins and tricks for WPMU sitewide stats. I’ve tried all and they all are just not right for one reason or another. The main reason being poor performance on MU site with +150 blogs.

All I want is a simple and LIGHT plugin that can:

– track visitors site wide, track visitors per blog and display things like browswers, ip, country, links etc. (no ip-to-countryflag bullshitz, please..god)

– display the stats to the site admin and display stats to blog admins in a simple, easy to understand way. Much like

Right now I’m using Analytics which works without killing my site. I’ve gotten it to display the stats right in the Dashboard but it is still a tad bit confusing for my users. And it requires them to signup for it which is a pain and not in keeping with ease of use :slight_smile: