Support System Plugin – Custom Statuses

First, thank you for all the hard work!

Second, I need to create and use Custom Statuses for my tickets. As of today, there is only New, Open, Close, Waiting for user to reply or Waiting for Admin. Is there a way I can create custom statuses, assign a specific color to that status and select it from a drop down menu on the ticket section? Example: create a custom status “in development” or “in progress” or “completed” or “10% completed”, “30% completed”, assign a color for each status and when updating a ticket select one of the custom status options.

Also, the ability to select a default status when “client” responds to a ticket. Example: “in review” etc…

There is a plugin that can do that “Awesome Support WordPress Plugin” but since I’m using your ticket system I would like to at least have this option.

Best regards team!