Support with Pay with a Like and Pop Up!


I want to add a popup for people who have not already liked my fanpage (assuming they are logged into Facebook). When I asked before I bought I got contradicting stories. Can you help?

These are the two different messages that I got

1:Many thanks for getting in touch with us :slight_smile:

I was wondering if I can set it up to first ask people to “Like” my fanpage if they have not already.

Our Pop Up plugin cannot handle this out of the box, however you could combine it with our Ultimate Facebook plugin in a similar way.

Basically, you may enter a Facebook Like button shortcode from Ultimate Facebook in a popover, and show that popover only if a member is not loged in to your site.

With Ultimate Facebook, users can also sign up to your site with their Facebook details. :slight_smile:

2: Thanks for your reply. To get the exact functionality you mentioned would require extra PHP code, as you’d need to check whether a user has Liked your page through Facebook, then display the Pop Up based on that.

The method George mentioned is a bit of a workaround, where you display the Pop Up to all logged out users. Users can log in with Facebook and then not see the Pop Up.

However, we have another plugin that might just work for you:

Pay with a Like will block access to the content unless the person Likes the content. That can be used for Posts, Pages or practically any other content on your site.

It’s not a Pop Up solution but it does work great at getting Likes! :slight_smile:

Would that maybe work for you?