Supporter – Can't find Supporter Checkout with Buddyboss


I know I’m not using a wpmu theme, so please bear with me.

I am using buddyboss with a custom signup form. I have enabled anyone can signup for user and blog and can see this option and the option for supporter on the signup form.

After this I am then sent to a custom step 2, asking to wait for email confirmation. And then when that is done you can log in, but no mention of options for supporter.

Then If I go to the dashboard of the newly created site It logs in with a very sparse dashboard and the message: “Nice Try… “

Looking at the Network Admin > Sites I can see that this newly created site has only the Admin as a member. Despite being associated with the account in buddypress.

So, what am I looking for?

a) redirect to a supporter theme. Perhaps by a link in the auto email or modifying the final step of the custom login process

b) assign the user to the newly created blog and show the supporter checkout options in the backend.

If anyone has any ideas whatsoever, I’d very much appreciate this as it’s a real pain.

Thanks guys