Switching Themes need advice

I am about to switch my theme from BP-Social to Blogs MU. If I can get some tips and what not prior to switching.

I already deleted all the pages, posts I created, somewhat but I do have lots of plugins installed at the moment. No widgets or none I don’t mind losing.

One big question though, how Social can I make this Theme or does it depend on plugins I find here or on WordPress? I want to use things like FaceBook Connect, Social bookmarking etc but this is not a firm requirement. I could live without them if I have to.

My audience is Social Network and Business where they can register via the membership plugin to run their biz network and where I offer them premium tools.

The Social Network is basically for sharing videos, music, photos, chat etc. Just the basic stuff.

I chose this theme mainly for it’s look so hopefully I can make it work as my audience will really love it.