Subscription level expiring even though its set to indefinite

Hi guys – I have 48 hours to sort this issue so please please please… a quick response if possible.

I have membership set-up which at present just has a very simple configuration.

Subscription level : Inspiration Access

Membership Level : Free inspiration

The subscription level is set to indefinate, but this morning I recieved an email to one of the test accounts I set-up which told me my membership is about to expire in 7 days!!!

Please help as the first REAL signup was done on the 20th – and no way do I want such a confusing email going out to someone.

The gateway is set to Paypal as I’m currently building 2 higher levels which will be paid for, but this one is just free access which will never need to be paid for.

Please help!!!! What can I do to get rid of these expirys on those already registered people??