Tabbed Widget Area

I know this is possible but Im having a hard time finding a tutorial that works on this… Or a plugin that is maintained for that matter, Id rather put this into my theme but if needed Ill go the plugin route.

On I have a widget area abover the footer… I want the top of that area to have widgets and the bottom to have my sitemap and such.

The top is the area thats giving me troubles… I know its possible to use a css and jquery combo to make tabbed areas, Im having trouble applying that to widgets however… Id like a tabs along the top of that area that have for instance, recent blog posts, forum posts, news, and whatever else I want to add…then you click on that tab and the widget shows up showing you that content.

Ive seen plugins that do thsi with very limited stuff like recent posts, featured, etc but it ONLY works for those options you cant set it to your own widgets.

Do you know of a good plugin or tutorial explaining this?