Tag / Category Language Conversion

O.K. I have got it done pretty well ….

The web site is at

m a g u a n a . c o m

I just can’t seem to get either the “tags” tab on the main page changed to Spanish

I also can not seem to get in the wp backen the section for Tags or Categories to state those two words in Spanish. Is this common ? There has to be a work around for this short of a core edit ?

If not, where is the best place to start with the core files … for these two things specifically ? I could wade through hours and hours of code but if someone has a better idea of where they are at that would be greatly appreciated !!

Any advice would be helpful. You could create an account at maguana.com and you will see when you get to the admin panel the majority of it is in Spanish but some of the things like “tags” “categories” .. “Custom fields can be used to add extra metadata to a post that you can use in your theme.” Along with the “Add Custom Field” button … “Allow comments” “Allow trackbacks pings” “Tools” “Settings” etc ..

All of which I am guessing will have to be core hacks ? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated !