Tag-posts usage


I’m trying to implement the plugin Tag-Posts. It seems I don’t understand something regarding its usage. Here is what I have.

– Post-Indexer and tag-posts are installed, I wrote a test post tagged ‘test’

– On my WPMU install I have a template dedicated to displaying tags (tag.php).

– In tag.php template, I call the plugin like this :

At the very top of the template, I do this :

$gthe_tag = wp_title('', false);
echo $gthe_tag; // Just to check the variable contains something - and yes, that works because it displays 'test'

Then in the template, I have :

<?php tag_posts_display_recent($gthe_tag,10,40,150,'','<strong>','</strong>','

There is a problem : it should show results for tag ‘test’ but it doesn’t show anything.

BUT : if I replace $gthe_tag by ‘test’, the plugin DOES show the results for the tag ‘test’.

I don’t understand… can you please tell me what is the right usage for your plugin ?

Last question : what if I want to show a global tag cloud in the sidebar of the pages ? Does the plugin can handle that ?

Thanks a lot for your support,