Thank you, WPMUDEV!

Okay…version 1.0 is finished!

I just finished putting the finishing touches on my site

and wanted to say that I could not have done it without the folk at WPMUDEV…the support, and all the fantastic plugins that this crew has created.

My site is unique (it’s a game that, by the simple act of playing it, changes stuff in the real world), and because of its unusual characteristics, it required a fair bit more customization than most sites want or need.

The folks here patiently answered all my questions, and I’ve had really excellent support.

I could not MAKE a higher endorsement. I literally could not have crossed the finish line to launch the site without this place, and wanted to thank everybody here.

The proof was in the pudding. I had my first “reveal presentation” today.

I’ve been meeting with non profit groups for months, picking their brains for ideas and making sure that my design was on track and on target.

This evening though…this evening was about showing them what I had built, and they LOVED IT!

(among other things, I got called the “Planet’s best Community Organizer” based on the design! Whooohoo@!)

Anyway…I’m still winding down from the presentation, and just wanted to tip my hat to everyone here.

Absolutely fantastic.