Export function not working *fixed*

Hi there,

i wanted to change from the light version to the Pro Version of this Plugin. But sadly it aint work. I deletet the old plugin and added the new.

This is what i see if i try to use it for Authors or export it.


I testet it on a other blog of mine there it is working, the difference is between both i never used the light version on the other site.

What have i tried to fix it.

1) I Run Firebug and checked for Javascript issues, i deactivatet a plugin

2) I deletet the cs settings in the Database

3) I deactivatet all Plugins

4) I changed to a theme where it was working on a other site

5) I deactivated NGINX mod Pagespeed

6) I deactivated the Cloudflare HTML, CSS and JS Minifier

The result is sadly the same.