[The Hub Client] Client Billing Invoice Design



We’ve started to use the new client billing system recently, and generally speaking we’ve been very happy with it. Thumbs up!

One thing I’ve found a bit underwhelming though, is the templated invoice design.

As a designer myself, I would say hierarchy of information, layout and typographic detail are very important (something that I tell me clients all the time…).

Currently I’m slightly embarrassed when I issue the automatically generated PDF’s to my clients.

Sure, there’s a few editing features available, but in my opinion nothing that gives me a holistic approach to improving, or gracefully aligning it to my desired design.

I guess there’s maybe a lot of administrative and functionality constraints to consider before the aesthetics can be improved. However, if in the future, we are able to have a lot more control over how these invoices look; that would be highly appreciated.

Maybe a ‘code to pdf integration’ of sorts? The more design control the better in my opinion and I’d be happy to chip in, or answer specific question to make this experience of client invoicing better.

Thanks for your time. (sorry if this topic already exists, feel free to merge).