[The Hub Client] Invoice Features to Add


Invoices – 
1. Pay Partial Invoices – allow custom to pay a minimum $ fee or % on an invoice. Example: say 50% deposit to start a project, then the final invoice 50% when it is done this would save on double invoices/work creating and sending invoices.
2. Adding Monthly late fee charges automatically to an invoice and/or hosting subscription plans so we don’t have to send yet another invoice for the late fees.
3. Pause Website Hosting if they don’t pay
4. On the invoices it seems that there is no 1-off invoices that we can create for a 1-time service to a specific customer. Example: They seem to all be Recurring/One time (set price), not one were I could add a note of performed x,y,z services and it is a different price based on services for hourly rates, etc., Instead your system is only a flat rate per service. This needs to be added.