[The Hub Client] Metered billing (bill per usage)


I think many of us will need this to bill our work without having to wait for customer payment.

I would like to be able to bill my users automatically depending on the usage they make of my product or services.
This would be very useful for support, CDN and many products sold as SAAS.

This means for the user to enter his credit card once, and be automatically billed for his usage at the end of the month.
Based on a custom field we could fill every month.

I am currently building that in my support system. I have a custom field for each support request for ‘time spent’.
I would like to add all the ‘time spent’ fields for each customer each month and bill them for support usage.
The amount would be charged without having to ask the customer to do anything.

I have two leads for a solution:

– With Forminator I could link the subscription amount to an invisible field. This invisible field would be an ACF based on each user account I would fill each month
Downside : there is no way for the user to see their billing history, download invoices..
I have not tried it though

– Stripe as a feature for this