[The Hub] Improve design of whitelabel client reports


Great to see on the roadmap “Completely reimagined client reports”.

For me, I really like WPMU, but the design of their current client reports is shocking and is the number one worst thing about WPMU – I realise time moves on and everything, but they’ve aged badly. Terrible design.

I’m in the annoying position of using WPMU for most things, but still have to use ManageWP for their reports because their reports are so much better looking than WPMU.

At the moment I am too embarrassed to send WPMU reports to my clients as they’re so difficult for non techies to read and not very inviting.

I love the design of all your other interfaces in your plugins etc, so hopefully it can more closely match your brand, whilst obviously still allowing us to whitelabel.

Can’t wait to see the improvements. Any ideas on what the new reports look like? I really hope the design is improved dramatically. Please take ManageWP’s reports and improve them even more.