[The Hub] Show longer history of Hummingbird speed performance scores in client reports


When I work on improving the speed performance of my client’s websites, I want to be able to prove the improvement in speed over the long term with a graph in the client report.

The problem is I’m improving performance for clients, but with current client reports I can’t prove it. They soon forget about improvements I’ve made, because the report only shows performance over the last month, it doesn’t go further back.

Although the reports I’m sending need to monthly client reports, I think it’s short sighted to think the performance part of the report should just compare this month’s Hummingbird performance score with last month’s – maybe that can be the headline, but it needs more detail about improvement over the longer term, eg 6 months or 12.

Most months will go by without an improvement, because when improving speeds, it can often be as a result of a single chunk of work. If you just show the last month then that won’t have the desired effect of proving what great work we’ve done for the client, there’s no context.

I know showing performance over the last month is still important, but improvement over the longer term could be another page in the report.

It’s powerful to have a graph showing improvement (or deterioration) over 6 months or 12 months (like you can with traffic in Google Analytics).

Being able to see trends like this will not only allow clients to see what great work we’ve done but also allow us web agencies to keep a better track of speed improvement or deterioration over time (especially if the same history could find its way into the Hub dashboard).

Please show longer history of Hummingbird speed performance scores in client reports.