[The Hub] Sync Labels & Configs across Team accounts


Hi there

We noticed that each member of our team has it’s own tags.

For example on our main account we set up these tags – https://www.dropbox.com/s/xhnp2jgpp3m187m/Screen%20Shot%202022-09-22%20at%2013.32.49%20PM.png?dl=0.

But one of our team members still has the default ones – https://www.dropbox.com/s/d82rml9h6osg1o6/Screen%20Shot%202022-09-22%20at%2013.50.12%20PM.png?dl=0

This is a huge problem because how can we ensure that all of our team members work with the same labels and organization if everyone creates their own labels?

Same thing applies to Plugin Configs. Each team member would create their own Configs but as a company we don’t want that.

We want to have Configs that are created and shared across the entire company so all of our projects start with the same settings and then we can modify them according to the project.

So here some ideas on how to improve this.


Provide an option in the team members settings if he should see synced labels or not. Ideally also option to be able to edit labels or not.

I mean this pop up – https://capture.dropbox.com/2vVBQfS0Q3JNmukI

Or the option could be in the role creator where we can decide if the labels are synced across all team members with a certain role. Again an option of users with this label can edit labels or not.


Pretty much the same options like in labels. Either in the team member settings or the role creator. Plus option to decide who can create them so not everyone just creates new Configs.

Even better would be if someone creates one it can be approved by someone which could be also an option in the team members page or role creator.

I think this would be very valuable for companies that manage many sites with a bunch of team members.

Thanks for your consideration.