The way Events + works creates duplicate events if I extended a recurring event

Events + allows for the creation of recurring events, e.g. this event repeats every week on Monday at 10am until Date X.

If I create such a recurring event for a month, then 4 instances are created (what you would expect). Making changes to this parent event (such as the time) will change all the child instances.

If I then edit one of these instances and make changes to it, it is now broken away as its own independent event and is no longer listed under its parent event and cannot be affected by any changes made to the parent event (not the way I would like it, but I accept that’s how the plugin does it).


So, if in my example, I have created an event that repeats every week for a month (maybe as a musician I have a recurring weekly gig) on a Monday at 10am, and I edit one of the instances because of a time change, that is now separated (as I explained above).

But if I now extend the end date of my parent event (for example my contract to play this weekly gig has been extended by another month), and I save that, it will create the new instances AND also create a duplicate of the child event that was already separated.

It would be really good (and I think crucial for many real-world scenarios) if the parent event could remember which events were its children that have now been separated so that it doesn’t duplicate them.

If there’s any beta or other quick fixes that solve this you can offer, I would really appreciate as I need it for my current project.