Theme builder not working after migration

Hi guys,

We have migrated a site across as a test to decide whether we want to move all of our sites to WPMU DEV, but I have found that my theme’s page builder is no longer working after the migration. I have deactivated all the WPMU DEV plugins that I had installed, but the problem persists.

The theme is Newspaper by tagDiv, and we have numerous plugins from various authors, most of which I have deactivated to try and pinpoint the issue.

Also, having installed the WPMU DEV dashboard and plugins on the original site (still hosted on previous server), it was no longer working there either. I have deactivated your plugins and still no joy, but I then disabled the WPMU DEV dashboard and it now works correctly again, so it appears to be a conflict between the WPMU DEV dashboard and my theme.

I am sure that there are some basic settings that need tweaking but I’m not sure what. I have tried rolling back the PHP version to 7.2, which was suggested on the theme’s forum, but that hasn’t helped either.

Do you have any suggestions where I can start looking?

Many thanks,