There is a problem with the hosting in WPMUDEV servers


I create a new site under The site url is Before doing anything and with the default theme and the only post that come by default (hello world) I run a performance test. The score is 75.

Page catching active, Gzip compression done. CDN activated.

The main problem is with the speed index (3.9 s) and there is nothing, when I have some content this could be dramatic.

HB recommends:

1. – Reduce server response times (TTFB). It took 640 ms to receive the first byte of page content.

2.- Eliminate render blocking resources. Some of them are: 10.2 KB 270 ms 34.2 KB 390 ms 33.7 KB 390 ms

3.-our page is serving following 10 resources with an inefficient cache policy.

Besides the known issues with fcbook and google (that cannot be changed and I don't know why HB insist in count them), there some from the CDN: 1 m 34.2 KB 1 m 33.7 KB 1 m 10.2 KB 1 m 4.4 KB 1 m 1.6 KB

I cannot do anything with this.

My conclusion: there is a big problem with your servers, even I received some complaints from visitor telling me that my site wasn't active.

I don't know if this is a general problem or only the server location (servers in NY). So please review and it such a case can I move this site to another location (Europe, India, Singapore,….)? provided that I wont'n have the same problem.

After that, I tried to run a new test, but HB seems to be frozen when reach 99%. I cleared cache and the same. The message: Test is taking a little longer than expected, hang in there…last forever (to be more precise after 20 minutes I left the page).

This is very disappointed.

I need some solution asap.

The support access is active. Just take into account that the main site ( is a production site and please don't deactivate anything in there. In the rest of the sites there is no problems in change anything.



P.S. Did you change the support tickets? I cannot upload any file which would be more informative when describing any problem.