This is follow-up question re: CoursePress Pro

When I went to install this plugin via "Add New/Upload/Browse."

It did not show-up in the browse window-search as a plugin. But when I canceled that searched, and repeated the above process from the Themes installer.

The upload search was able to recognize it just fine. Therefore, it got installed as a Theme.

Did I do something wrong? Or, is this a UN-described function of the CoursePress Plugin.

So, what I'm trying to determine is; "Is It a Plugin or Is It a Theme?"

Worked on this half the night, and at this point. I am about ready to Uninstall the entire site and start over. Because, I have over a 200 WP-Training video, e-books and PLR products, I need to get installed asap.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not the WP-Guru (as yet)which I aspire to be. However, to give you just a brief overview of the items on my plate:

1. I Just finished the WP-MU installation manual.

2. I Need to implement a in-progress Traffic Sourcing project with my hosting company.

3.Currently working with a 23-Video training session on Amazon S3-storage/security.

4.Amazon's Cloud-Berry & Cyber-duck training in-progress.

So, I need products/services with documentation I can depend on to what it claims.

Furthermore, being recently retired, I must carefully focus my resources of time/cash.

Hope you help clear things up for me…Thanks for taking time to read my support question.