three questions about the Showcase Theme


I’m new to Showcase Theme (downloaded from WPMU) and would appreciate any feedback on the questions below:

1. The images uploaded as “Featured image” for the Portfolio get distorted. What should be the exact size for them to avoid this?

2. I used Menus in Dashboard to organize how the order that is used for the menus at the top of the page. The menus that are shown in the footer are not affected by this. Is there a way for to set the top/main and footer menu to be the same from dashboard?

3. When I look at the Theme as advertised on the demo page

it shows controls when I mouse over the 3D slider (to stop the rotation, display info, go back and forth…:wink:. I do not get any controls when I mouse over the 3D slider on my installation – how can this be activated?