Time-based membership and showing previous content

I read in your manual that I can do the following:

First 30 days: access to level “Basic”

Day 31 to day 60: access to level “One”

Day 61 to Day 365: access to level “Two”

Day 366 to Cancellation date: access to level “Three”

How do you do it? For my purpose, I want the members to access my lesson plans based on the time of membership.

If they are members for one month, they will see content for month one.

If they are members for two months, they will see content for month one and month two.

What I have done:

1) I setup Access Level “Month 1” to “Month 12”

2) In Subscription plan, I set the path from New to Month 1, Month 2, Month 3, etc. sequentially. That means, each new subscription paid will “move” the member to the next level of access. ie. Month

Am I correct to do the above?

Lastly, I want my members to see all the previous content. For example, a member for 3 months should see content from Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3. I tried the shortcodes but when the members move to the next month, the previous month is not viewable.

Am I missing something?

Please assist. Thanks.