Timing out in broadcasting posts

Here is the problem I am having:

I have a group of about 100 wp multisites (wp 3.0.4) all mapped out to full domains. While many of them get their own content, we occasionally have to publish to all of them at once. We have found that ThreeWP Broadcast does a decent job at a few sites, however, the more sites we added to this the more it has caused a time out. I did see one post suggesting to drop this into the wp-config file:


While that appears to have helped some, I still end up with a blank screen and find that not all have been posted out of the nearly 100 sites.

Does anyone have a suggestion for doing such posts efficiently? Or is there a better way to not allow it to time out, but make the php tell the server to keep working til it is done?

I realize this is not one of the plugins here, however I did not see one that does such a process. Yes, I checked that author’s site and there is not help on this subject.

New to MPMUDEV.ORG, and am really appreciative of the information on the site. It saves me on a daily basis!