Tough question for video re-sizing

Ok…I’m a new member here and I usually don’t ask questions because of the thrill of the challenge. However, my mind goes blank when I think of this one:

I just installed WordPress mu + buddypress on my server. I’m using a facebuddy theme because I want my site to be streamlined throughout.

If you look at my site, you’ll see videos in the site wide activity widget from posts within the community. These videos are in the large format of the person’s blog post and show up in large form on my 3 column theme causing it to overlap. I thought I was going to have to get rid of a column and tell all of my other users that they cannot use the widget…which would be pretty bad.

However…I looked in the themes that you guys have available here at WPMU and when I activated them…low and behold the videos were resized!

How?….I’m amazed.

My site

Screenshot of WPMU theme in action: