Translate field options + Custom Press


My site is pretty much translated but I have one thing that a few quirks to solve.

1. If you visit a vendor profile for example ( when you switch to french you will notice that the dates are the same as the english ones. I don’t know how to have it show the french dates to show instead?

Can you confirm if the gettext translation method has the ability to refer to different shortcode according to language? This way, I could potentially add a French language date selection Dates field list which would mirror the english dates.

If I we’re to go that route that would bring up another concern. How to sync the selected french dates with the selected english dates?

2. Each vendor has two profiles. One english, one french. Some times I activate the “update custom fields” option from Polylang plugin >Languages (Settings, Language). It is a dangerous thing everytime because I risk forgetting to turn it off and then I lose my translated strings (when they exist)… I don’t know if you guys can help me find a better way to deal with this?