Trouble Configuring MarketPress

I have a couple of problems…

1. I cannot find any documentation on this product other than the shortcodes tab in WordPress. Your site says you have detailed documentation on all plugins, but I can’t find any.

2. I can’t figure out how to get the thumbnail to show up on the product list page. I’ve tried adding an image to the product’s individual page, but that image never appears as a thumbnail.

*** Okay, I finally figured out this one too after reading a ton of different posts. If you click the Set Featured Image link while editing the post, it only adds the image to the product page, but doesn’t set it as the featured image. You have to go to the media library for that image and click the clink at the bottom to get it to truely add it as the featured image. Really confusing for sure. ***

3. Several of the short codes (i.e. Product Image, Product Buy Button, Product Price, Product Meta, etc.) ask for a product_id as on optional attribute for the short code; however, I can’t find any reference to the product_id within the interface.

*** Found a post about installing WP_Show_IDs and that solved item 3 ***

Thank you for your help.