Trying to pull custom blog posts from network onto main site

Post Indexer is up but it only finds custom post types from the main site, not the network.

Autoblogger seems to be working, creating feeds for the two new custom post types from both the main site and across the network. (not sure how it manages this if there is the previous problem with the indexer)

Recent Sitewide Posts is only displaying the normal post types and not the custom ones (as expected).

Created two custom types, both posts: Events and New Work, with related taxonomies Type of Event and Type of New Work. The taxonomies are set up to be fully public.

The menu is offering the custom post taxonomies (set up as heirarchical categories so that a single menu entry should display all child categories, provided they are selected in the post) But it refuses to actually attach these to the menu. Select and hit insert into menu and it goes away and thinks about it but never does it.

So it seems that everything is set up except the ability to actually see the custom posts drawn from the blogs. And I am stuck.

This means two problems.

Getting these custom posts indexed from across the network and getting the menu to accept the custom taxonomies so that the results can be displayed.

I know some have made this work, the general advice came from David but I am now stuck.