Any tutorials on the membership plugin out there… Just migrated over here as a member , was playing around alot with another membership plugin but now messing the the membership plugin… Only thing i see is the quick start guide but a little vague in spots

Download groups? no examples.. just call these anything? Not sure how that works… Was using amazon s3 account to store my downloads before I tried out membership plugin.. is this possible?

I am wanting to start a membership site and then have specific themes and plugins available to the different levels of membership..

I know prosites does that so little confused on if I need both, membership plugin and prosites?

They both have a gateway so do not want people subscribing twice!

I need people to be able to sign up and create a blog at the same time…

The subscription and levels are a little confusing to me.. any video tutorials out there would help… I’m a visual guy :slight_smile:

Update found some instructions https://wpmudev.com/project/membership/installation/

Did no see these on the download page… Is there a place for instruction with all plugins?