Ultimate Facebook for Multiple Authors

Hi Guys, thanks for the awesome work you have done on these plugins I really appreciate it.

I am going through the steps to set up Ultimate Facebook for my site so I may be posting a few questions. Let me know if you would like me to post new topics for each or if I should just keep adding them here.

My first question is how can I set up the auto-posting to the facebook wall so that it is active for all users of my site. My site is not multisite install, it is one site with multiple authors. Right now it is only a few authors but it is growing fast and will eventually be some thousands of users. Positive thinking right?

What I would like it to do is post to facebook each users activity to their wall if that person posts, or comments on posts on the site. Right now it looks like it is setup to only post each activity type to one user (mine) account or page.

How do I set this up for a multi-user site?

Thanks :slight_smile: