Ultimate Facebook Remove Blog Creation Fields


I want to remove the Blog Creation Fields from the Ultimate Facebook Registration form, so that no blog will be created on registration.

I tried by commenting following lines in the wdfb_utilities.php:


if ($wp_grant_blog) {

$fields[] = array(

‘name’ => ‘blog_title’,

‘description’ => __(‘Your blog title’, ‘wdfb’:wink:,

‘type’ => ‘text’,


$newdomain = is_subdomain_install()

? ‘youraddress.’ . preg_replace(‘|^www.|’, ”, $current_site->domain)

: $current_site->domain . $current_site->path . ‘youraddress’


$fields[] = array(

‘name’ => ‘blog_domain’,

‘description’ => sprintf(__(‘Your blog address (%s)’, ‘wdfb’:wink:, $newdomain),

‘type’ => ‘text’,




But it only removes the fields and still checks for the fields, so that I can’t register because of an empty name. How can I resolve this?