Ultimate Translate: partial success, but not translated content published

We’ve some similarities in the issues we have with Ultimate translate to this thread:


The good bit:

– the plugin is installed, and if we create a new blog, it will serve up translated pages/ posts :slight_smile:

Less good bit:

– on a small blog (5 posts of 10+ lines) that existed before the Ult Translate plugin was installed, we get some translated content in the database (see attached): we can’t be sure if everything is translated per settings, but it looks like it is.

However, the translated content that’s in the database doesn’t make it to the published page.

So http://championsleague.footballunited.com/2010/09/13/fr/guide-to-the-groups-group-d/ exists, but redirects to the english language original (& browser language *is* set to french)

And this one that shows page not found: