Unable to Utilize WWW in subdomains

Hey everyone I have stumbled into a blocker.

I’ve read article after article and supposedly in wordpress 3 they resolved the issue to use a www domian for the primary domain. My issue is as follows:

I have a primary domain.com website and numerous multi-sites

Domain Mapping is enabled and on the subdomain sites, when they enter in http://www.domain2.com it strips out the www.

I thought this was because my primary site was not set to http://www.domain.com so I backed up the sql database, did a search for anywhere that said just http://domain.com and replaced it with http://www.domain.com that way it would not affect the multi-sites but at least set the main site to www.

I then modified wp-config.php to set the domain to www

This got the main site working at http://www.domain.com properly, but no matter what I do i cannot get the multi-sites to work at http://www.domain2.com

If i type in http://domain2.com or http://www.domain2.com it will end up on http://domain2.com

It’s not a big deal in my eyes , but my client is requesting that the multi-sites be able to specify www in their domain name.

Is this even possible? Am i modifying the sql database wrong etc? ANy help is appreciated. Thanks!