Unbranded videos are not unbranded to non-activated sites

Hi there.

We’re trying to use the integrated video tutorials (which we love, by the way) but can’t use them on our network because of the WPMU.org branding on the placeholder images.

We have a multisite network and this plugin only works if it’s network activated. We then have to register every single domain on our network that we want to allow access to these videos. Those that we don’t register will see the WPMU.org placeholder image.

This means that we only have two options:

1. Manually enter and register every single domain on our network and allow everybody access (which we don’t want), or;

2. Allow non-registered sites to see the WPMU.org branding in their help screens.

Neither of the two scenarios above are acceptable, which means we can’t use this plugin.

What we’d like is to activate this plugin on a site by site basis or better still, be able to upload our own branding to replace the placeholder images so that it’s truly unbranded.