[Updates] Plugin updates alerts


I’d like to see two changes regarding your plugin updates:

A) Every time you release a plugin update we receive an alert on the Hub to let us know that there is a pending update. When we click on the alert, it gets us on the Plugins page in order to update it. There’s nothing wrong with that but I’d like to read the full changelog when I press the alert.

Right now I have to open a site and find the update there in order to view the changelog. Since many or most of us use Automate to update our sites, I think it makes sense to read the changelog when we click on the alert.

B) As a developer, I’d like to learn more about the changes that you’ve made in your updates. Please include what exactly you have changed in the changelog. Some times we need to know about the changed files and if the update fixes our problems.

For example, I manage a large site that can’t get backed up by Snapshot. Your next update seemingly fixes some stability issues. I’d like to know what exactly you have changed in order to figure out if this fixes my issue.