Upfront – Fixer is not saving?

I worked about 3 weeks ago with you guys to figure out why the Editor was just spinning and spinning and not getting to save. Eventually we had to lie up post_max_size and all the other limits to 1gb for it to work.

At the time I thought we definitely had everything setup right as Loading time and Save showed as it should have. I only changed the FIXER h1 heading to see if it saved to New Level Designs and it saved that and replaced a background.

Today I have been editing for a full day to start getting my now 2 month behind schedule AI & PSD design up on the site and no Images I am replacing nor the Header changes are being implemented.

I also have an issue with changing the “tile” background image to anything at all, there are just solid and image slider that are working correctly.

I have updated the Upfront today before I started the editing.

What is happening?

Please Help me get this going.

Opening a Access so you can test for yourself ASAP, I have tried to replace the logo top left

and also the services logos. They are still in the Media library and showed as saved when I pressed yet still nothing is showing of the changes after I’ve exited Upfront.