Upfront Builder + BuddyPress + Membership 2 Pro

Hi Guys,

Whilst I do understand BuddyPress is not one of your plugins and that the Upfront Theme is not officially classified as compatible with BuddyPress. I did however, run a quick search before embarking on my journey and found numerous threads stating that although BuddyPress is not officially supported it does still work and can be tidied up with some CSS.

Awesome I thought, CSS I can handle and off I went to confirm everything is possible with my client and onwards with the first stage of creating his homepage. Now I’m one who prefers bespoke and with the new builder I thought this was a good project to give it a go.

Everything is great so far, membership 2 pro is playing ball and I now have the perfect homepage exactly how my client envisaged and has now approved. Now onto the next stage of building all the templates for each page and finally activating BuddyPress to begin fleshing out the rest of the site.

Here’s my hurdle. I’m getting 404 pages for both members & activity and profile pages contain none of the usual BuddyPress profile info. Just the username. Basically nothing is showing for anything BuddyPress and I am wondering if I have missed a trick somewhere? Is it only the child themes that have any kind of compatibility?

I’ve since spent 2 days messing with various suggestions and have tried an old fix with uploading some BuddyPress compatibilities files only to find it gave me a white screen, I’m practically at a dead end now and just reaching out in the hope that someone somewhere may have got this up a going and maybe able to help with some guidance to get this to work. Restarting from scratch would be a complete nightmare now and a custom Upfront child theme was really what I wanted to use on this project.