Upfront — Spirit Theme — Text Editor styles not working

I keep trying to change the color of text using the front-end editor. I can select the color, then when I click OK it doesn’t change. Also, when I click the formatting option to change it to a H2 or h3 or whatever, it has no effect. After I click it, the little tool panel closes, but when I look again nothing has changed. I have tried this on both Chrome and Firefox, in Mac.

This is happening with a text box within the full-page header. For some reason, it works on other text boxes. I have tried with the text box that is already there, and I have also tried deleting it and dragging in a new one. I can not change the color, and I cannot make it a headline.



For some COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS REASON, you cannot change the color for more than one line of text at a time. That was my problem.