upgrade to wp 3.0.1 broke IT damagers sitewide feed plugin

anyone still using that plugin? any idea what could be wrong? I upgraded from wpmu 2.9.2

here are the links to the now broken feeds:




what happens is that if I open the feeds in a browser, the content I see is this:

zice.ro – feed principal http://zice.ro acest feed contine toate articolele, paginile si comentarile de pe zice.ro http://wordpress.org/?v=3.0.1 en http://zice.ro/?v=3.0.1

The first part is the feed description I set up within the plugin but instead of content it just prints: http://wordpress.org/?v=3.0.1 en http://zice.ro/?v=3.0.1

Did they remove an essential part from wp-includes that kills feed generation? I vaguely remember they did something like this before with magpie rss

And btw. during my upgrade for a while wp was telling me I am running 3.1-alpha… No idea why but I simply put 3.0.1 on top of it and now its back to thinking it is 3.0.1