Uploaded images have wrong orientation even after being edited in the media library

My client is uploading images she took with her iPhone. When they first appear in the WP media library they have the wrong orientation, so she corrects that by editing the image using the Media library tools and saving it. Now when entered into a text field in WP they appear the correct way up.

However, I’m using ACF to create formatted product pages and when the images are picked using the ACF image picker they always appear as they were when originally uploaded, with incorrect orientation. The ACF support site insists that they only use built in WP functions to handle media so it’s nothing on the plugin’s end.

I tried a WP plugin that automatically rotates images according to the EXIF data when they are first uploaded, but this makes no difference to the end result: correct orientation in rich text fields, incorrect orientation when using the ACF image picker.

I really don’t know what to try next… the page in question where the end result can be viewed is http://www.stemsational.com.au/arrangements/business/

Is this something you can offer advice on?